Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my local doctor to consult Dr Crawford and the team?

Yes, bring a referral and any recent test results like blood tests.

Should I have a Gastric Sleeve or a Bypass?

This will depend on a few factors such as the presence or absence of diabetes or reflux and your own preferences.

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How long will I be in hospital?

Most just need a stay of 2 nights.  You are discharged once you are tolerating fluids well and Dr Crawford has no concerns.

How much will the surgery cost?

If you have the right level of medical insurance, the cost of all of your care related to the procedure will be $3700.

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How long do I need off work?

One week is mandatory, but we would recommend two, remember that when you do return to work there should be no heavy lifting for 6 weeks.

How much weight will I lose?

Everyone is different, it is usual to lose 60-80% of your “excess body weight”  which is your current weight minus your “ideal” body weight.  It usually takes 9-18 months until you reach your final post-op weight.

How heavy do I need to be to qualify?

Item numbers for surgery are set by the government.  The item numbers for bariatric surgery require you to be ‘morbidly obese’.  This means a BMI >35 with a health problem or BMI >40 but otherwise healthy.

Isn't weight-loss surgery just a 'cop out'?

Not at all.  For obese people, their own physiology is working against them.  Surgery helps to ‘re-balance’ things, but it still requires a concerted effort to achieve and maintain weight loss.

Do I need to take 'optifast' before surgery?

Yes, Dr Crawford needs you to use a very low calorie diet for 2 weeks prior to surgery to ensure that your liver is soft and able to be gently moved out of the way to keep the surgery safe.  Your dietitian will help you with the foods you can have in addition to Optifast.